Friday, February 27, 2015

Steps For Students 2015

A healthy lifestyle is what we are trying to show our kids.  This year I have decided to add as many fun runs as possible so that we can all get all stay healthy together.  The first fun run of the year is one we have been a part of before.  It benefits children and education.

 This year was special because our daughter is joining us.  We signed her up for her first 1K.  We didn't know how she would do, if she would actually do it, or what would happen.  Well this happened.  We got ready to run our 5K, which my daughter was going to sit in the stroller and ride, but she decided she wanted to run.  She got off the stroller and got ready.  She was so excited.  She was not overwhelmed with all the big people around her.  She just knew she wanted to run like everyone else.  This picture captures just at the moment of her about to cross the start line.  Daddy was making sure no one trampled her.  She was ready to take off.  I was scared we were going to lose her in the crowd, because she is so little.  She took off right from the start.  I was pushing an empty stroller but I didn't care.  I loved seeing her little self running.  This was our before picture:
Before she decided to jump out of the stroller.  She didn't run the entire 5K but it was great that she tried to run some of it.  She did ask Daddy to jump out and run again later on in the course.

A family the runs together, stays together!

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