Monday, February 9, 2015

good2grow Juicy Water

***Disclosure-Samples were received for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Growing up I did not drink water.  I hated the way it tasted, yes water does not have a taste.  Exactly, nothing.  No flavor.  But I'm suppose to drink it.  The only way my mom could get us to drink water was to flavor it with drink mix, you know kool-aid.  But we have evolved.

good2grow has juice and veggie blends.  Now they have juicy water.  Check out the nutrition label:

Instead of our kids grabbing sodas, we can give them water that pack a small punch.  Sodas are sugary drinks.  New good2grow Juicy Waters are coming in grape and fruit punch.  They are all natural, no sugar added, non-gmo waters.  Your kids can top them with favorite.
My daughter already likes good2grow products.  The apple juice is her favorite.  She collects the toppers.  And now she is a fan of the juicy water too.


Gale said...

You're daughter is such a cuties. I'm lucky that my kids will drink water plain, but these might be a nice treat.

Gale said...

(CUTIE...not cuties...typo...doh)