Sunday, March 22, 2015

Skincare Sunday-Introducing Neutrogena Brand Ambassador Eiza Gonzalez

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Introducing Eiza Gonzalez.  She is a leading bi-cultural and bilingual Latina of Mexican descent.  She sings and acts, double threat.  She is the newest face for the Neutrogena brand. 
"I'm super excited to be a part of the NEUTROGENA® family, especially since I've been using it ever since I was a teenager," said Eiza.  "I'm humbled to represent a brand that values the Latina culture and encourages women to embrace a natural, beautiful and healthy appearance," she added. 

It is always important that we see people we can relate to.  I like that Neutrogena is diverse when selecting celebrity ambassadors including Kerry Washington, Kristen Bell and Sandra Echeverría.
"From the moment we laid eyes on her we knew she would be a great representative of the brand and what Neutrogena truly embodies. She is the prime example of a strong Latina that has worked very hard to be where she is today. As an influential Latina role model, Eiza serves as an extension of the brand and a key vehicle in our communications surrounding skin health and beauty," said Michelle Freyre, General Manager of NEUTROGENA®.
NEUTROGENA® a worldwide leader in clinically proven, dermatologist-recommended skincare and cosmetics.

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