Thursday, March 12, 2015

CrunchPak Sweet Apple Slices

***Disclosure-I received coupons for product.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.
Thanks to CrunchPak for sending me coupons for cleaned, ready to eat apples.  I used the coupons to purchase Sweet Apples Multi-Paks.
Crunch Pak created the perfect recipe of vitamin C and calcium to prevent spoilage and maintain the crispness of an apple after it’s sliced. Then the company figured out the right width to slice apples so they stayed freshest longest. The last piece of the puzzle was packaging: Crunch Pak’s breathable bags allow the sliced apples to receive the right mixture of oxygen while emitting carbon dioxide; that combination ensures the apples maintain optimum quality during transportation to market.
I like that CrunchPak has the individual packs.  They have a variety of products.  They are the perfect snack size for kids or adults.  The packs are so easy to grab and go.  My daughter loves apples.  And now she can have them on the go.
CrunchPak has Disney products that offer more than just apples for your kids.  This is healthy snacking for the kiddos.  I don't have to cut veggies, or fruits.  Some kids don't like fruits and vegetables.  They are more likely to pick an item that has a character or that looks kid friendly.  This might be a way to get your kid to try healthy snacking, if they already don't.  Get them started today.  This work great for field trips, day trips, or road trips too.


Unknown said...

My kids love apples and I love the convenience of a grab-and-go pack!

Unknown said...

I'm eating a green apple with natural peanut butter as I type. lol. no lie. apple on the go are such a great idea for any age! ha.