Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Giveaway-Dino Dan Review

***Disclosure-Sample product was received to review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

I know some parents frown upon using movies as learning tools but sometimes you find ones that have been created with your kids in mind.  Do your kids like dinosaurs?

My daughter loves animals , all kinds.  She is very intriged with dinosaurs.  She is turning 2 years old but is not your average 2 year old.  I remember taking my son, MJ to see the dinosaur exhibits at the museums and how interested he has always been.

But why are our kids so interested in dinosaurs?
Freelance writer and book author Bob Strauss pondered this question for and came up with some pretty solid explanations!! 
·      For starters, he believes kids like dinosaurs because the huge, dangerous creatures are extinct, so kids know that dinosaurs are not a threat.

·      He also believe that dinosaurs are also role models for kids because dinosaurs are big and nobody tells them what to do – the exact opposite of a kid, who is small and is always being told how to behave. 

·      Kids also like the size and scope of dinosaur skeletons, definitely a cool factor!

·      And they also like the possibility that, like Matt Larson, a paleontologist for the Black Hills Institute of Geologic Research, they too might be able to someday discover dinosaur fossils – as he did just this summer in the plains of northeast Wyoming!

Dino Dan, is airing nightly on Nick Junior at 5p.m. (ET), which stars 18 true-to-life, photo-real dinosaurs alongside Jason Spevack as Dan “Dino Dan” Henderson.  
-Dino Dan is an ordinary 10-year old boy with an extraordinary obsession: he eats, sleeps and breathes dinosaurs.

-Dino Dan also specializes in getting his contrasting crew of classmates and teachers engaged in his larger-than-life adventures.

-As Dino Dan comes up with a dino question or experiment to test his theories, he’s also teaching kids about science.

Dino Dan DVDs are now available in a special 4-pack. (four DVDs – Ready, Set, DINO!; Dino TrackersTo Catch a Dino! and Cretaceous Creatures!)  

You can learn more at the Dino Dan website at 

Not only did we watch these dvds together but we all learned something new from Dino Dan.  If you kids are not into science just yet, make it fun for them by introducing them to Dino Dan like I did to my Lil Bit. 

Would you like to win Dino Dan-4 pack dvd for your kids?  Enter now..(US/Canada only)

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Lauren C said...

My little cousin like to read about all of them!

Unknown said...

Tyrannosaurus !!

Unknown said...

Tyrannosaurus !!

Unknown said...

He likes the Tyrannosaurus rex and he also likes the cartoon Dino Buddy.

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