Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Littlest Pet Shop: Petacular Escapades

***Disclosure-Sample product sent to review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Do you have little girls who love animals?  I do.  My daughter loves all kinds of animals.  She was very happy when she saw all the animals on the cover if Littlest Pet Shop - Petacular Escapades.

Blythe and her best friends — Zoe the spaniel, Pepper the skunk, Sunil the mongoose, Russell the hedgehog, Penny the panda, Vinnie the gecko and Minka the monkey — are back for five more exciting adventures in the Littlest Pet Shop!  Littlest Pet Shop: Petacular Escapades was release today on DVD.  This collection features encounters with legendary parrots, movie stars and Blythe’s sudden inability to understand the pets! All of these adventures and more happen in these petacular episodes of The Littlest Pet Shop!

Episodes Include:
Blythe’s Crush
Dumb Dumbwaiter
Lights, Camera, Mongoose
What Did You Say?
Terriers and Tiaras

Bonus Features:

My thoughts-So who does not like singalongs?  This is a cute DVD that will keep your lil one entertained. Lil Bit loved all the little animals and was glued to the screen.  She danced as the songs played.  Littlest Pet Shop is shown on the HUB network. 

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