Friday, October 4, 2013

It's 5 o' clock in Fort Bend Brewing

That's right, it's 5 o' clock somewhere.  It's beer:30.  Something has been brewing in Fort Bend. 
This past Saturday, I was able to take my first tour at a brewing company.  Thanks to Fort Bend Brewing Co. for hosting myself and several other local bloggers.  I have lived in the area and I did not know that there was a brewing company so close.  FBBC is located between Highway 90 and Beltway 8.  (13370 South Gessner Rd., Missouri City, TX 77089)  Each 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month between 1 to 3 pm they offer tours.  Admission is only $5 per person.
Saturday had been a very adventurous full day for us and it was nice to just relax with some good company in a fun environment.  There are big picnic style tables available for everyone to sit family style.  You can also bring your own lawn chairs and hangout with your friends.  And of course, taste what Fort Bend Brewing is now offering in our local area.
Backyard Blonde Ale-All German ingredients, fruity flavor & aroma, light but full of flavor
(this is what was recommended for light drinkers, or someone who doesn't drink.....??)

Texas Lighting IPA-English American hybrid, malty, nutty balanced but still on the hoppy end
Texas Lighting IPA (Nitro)-I dare you to try it, I did.

Texas Thunder Stout-All English ingredients, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Coffee flavors, lighter bodied, surprisingly drinkable
(if you like dark coffee with no sugar and chocolate, this one is for you)

Texas Farmhouse Ale-Fruity (pineapple) spicy finish (white pepper) Belgian yeast (Westmalle)

Also, currently serving Oktoberfest and Harvest Ale.

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