Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tasty Thursday-Do you Sushi? R A Sushi Review

Have you ever had one of those days that you are walking in a fog?  You know what's wrong but you are trying not to think about it and let it go.  This was me Friday.  There was so much going on in my head.  I poured myself into work and just keep trying to let the day go by.  I had made plans to meet my friend, Lisa later on in the day.  Friday just seemed to just be dragging.  I wasn't in the mood for anything and everyone kept asking me what was wrong?  I wasn't my usual, whatever that means.  But I didn't want to talk about it.  I just didn't.

I finished my day and left to meet Lisa at R A Sushi in City Centre.  Again, I wasn't really in the mood but I had already told Lisa I would meet her. 

Thank you R A Sushi for hosting myself and Lisa Carey, Money Saving Parent.  Last week when I attended the Blog Elevated conference, I had noticed the restaurant there.  It caught my attention.  But when I saw it was sushi I kinda scrunched my nose and was said, oh never mind.  See when I heard the word sushi, I thought of uncooked-Not for me.  But being that I had never tried it, I was willing to give it try.  Heck, that is one of my rules at home with the kids.  Try everything at least once before you say you don't like.  Try a second time because your tastebuds may change.  So here I was at a sushi place ready to give it a try.  There was so much to chose from, I was lost.  Luckily Lisa was not a newbie, has been here before, and loves the place.  She knew exactly what to recommend for me and exactly what we should give a try.  I normally stick with what I know, but sushi I don't know.  The menu had a lot to choose from.  One of the things that I liked is all their menu is not uncooked.  You can have the uncooked, slightly cooked, or cooked.

We started with a R A Fave-Viva Las Vegas Roll

I loved it.  I see why it is a favorite already.  Yummy crab and cream cream cheese.  The topping has a little kick off spicy tuna, really good.

Next was Lobster Spring Rolls-

I love spring rolls.  It is so funny but I got my husband hooked on them too.  But I had never had a Lobster spring roll.  I am going to have to bring my husband here to try these yummy spring rolls.  The rolls have mango in them, such a good combination.

We also tried the Pineapple Cheese Wontons-

These are so light and crispy.  I haven't been able to really eat anything hard because of my braces but these had the perfect crunch to them.  And to top it off pineapple which another favorite of mine.  My husband loves pineapples, so I am gonna have to order these for him to try as well.

These food is so good.  I am becoming a sushi fan for sure.

For the main dish, I tried the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl-

First I want to say, if you do not like like Teriyaki sauce and I lost you when I said it, please come back.  this Teriyaki sauce is good.  It is really sweet and doesn't give you an after taste.  I didn't get to finish this as all the other food I tried filled me up.  They packed it to-go for me.  I picked up my son afterschool and offered it to him.  I didn't tell him what it was.  He opened it up and said it looked and smelled really good.  He ate it all.  By the way, he doesn't like Teriyaki sauce.

In October, R A Sushi will be featuring the Blushing Geisha-

Do try it....highly recommended.  It is the perfect pairing.

I had a wonderful time with Lisa.  I am so glad I was able to get out and get things off my chest.  She was a listening ear.  We had good food and a great talk.  I like going to a place where you can relax, forget about everything, and enjoy yourself.  And that I did.  A perfect way for me to start my weekend.


Rose-Marie said...

I tried sushi at whole foods and I can't figure out why people think it is so wonderful, but I'm no expert. I like all these other foods you are posting about, the lobster spring rolls, pineapple cheese won tons, etc. all sound good. I wouldn't want to go to a whole meal for sushi if I was expected to eat it, but if other things were available, I'd try some, especially if it was at a fancy and special place like this.

lilyk said...

This food looks very tasty. Thanks for sharing!