Thursday, August 8, 2013

What Age is Your Body?

Turning a year older for some people may be the end of the world but to me it has been a celebration of my life.  I turned 35.  That number is not scary to me what is scary the age my body is.  My mind thinks I am 25.  But what is my body saying?  A show I am a die hard fan of, Biggest Loser, has the contestants take a test and they are told what age their body is.  Not how old they are but if they continue to live their life as they are, this is the age their body is aging at.  I did not take one of these tests but have taken steps to having my mind and body both saying 25.  So can you!  I started by having a physical.  Do you have one every year?  Do you kids?  If you have insurance, use it to get a check up.  Routine visits are less expensive than emergency visits.  Who wants to be at the hospital with some unknown sickness?  While at my physical my doctor wished me Happy Birthday and said the "M-word".  But I just turned 35.  My doctor said she likes to send her patient this early because early detention can help find cancers and chances of survival are higher.  But the "M-word"  is scary.  Ladies who have had these test told me they were expensive and painful.  So there was alot of me to intake at one time and consider about a mammogram.

First, cost.  My doctor issued me a referral.  I called my insurance and they verified that my insurance covers the mammogram 100% as part of my well-woman routine screening.  So this test is FREE to me.  (If you have questions, consult your doctor and call your insurance as well.)  I called and scheduled my appointment at the nearest location.  My insurance has several locations all over for me to choose from.  The day came for my appointment.  I was told not to wear deodorant or perfume and guess what, I forgot.  So as I am driving to my appointment I am wiping my armpits.  I was already nervous about my mammogram.  I arrived, checked in, and was given this cute pink bag with goodies inside.
I was told to have a seat and that a nurse would come get me.  The nurse did come to get me.  I told her I felt like a little kid with my goodie bag and if it was all a trick to get my mind off from what I was about to experience.  She started laughing and said "but seriously follow me upstairs".  Then I went on to tell her, "Now you are distracting me by taking me all over the place to calm my nerves, right?"  I made her laugh again.  She told me I had nothing to worry about.  She was really nice.  She calmed my nerves and explained the process.  I had to undress from waist up but I was given a really cute robe to wear.  I felt like I was going into a spa.
Then I was taken to the examination room.  The dreaded machine was in front of me.  I stood in front of the machine she positioned me and the machine.  Told me to stop breathing for a second and done.  She moved the machine and asked me to place my arm on the side.  Positioned me and machine again, done.  On to the next ta-ta.  It took less than 10 minutes, I could even say less than 5.  But we started talking about my kids and well you know a mom talking about a kid, la-la-la....  The whole experience was not scary, traumatizing, or painful at all.  It did not cost me anything.  And I even got a goodie bag or like bloggers call them "swag" bag.  I no longer will be scared of the "M" word.  Now I just have to wait for the results.

Have you had a mammogram?  If you are 40 or older, what are you waiting for?

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