Thursday, August 29, 2013

ABC's of Summer #SafeConBritaxFamilies

***Disclosure-As a Britax Latina Blogger/Advisory Board Member (and in partnership with Mami Innovative Media), this post is part of a sponsored outreach. All opinions expressed are my own.

We have been having so much fun this summer.  I had forgotten how curious a toddler is and how much they can absorb on a day to day basis.  I work Monday-Friday, 8-5.  The week seems to just swallow time especially with my hour commute to and from work.  So spending time with Lil Bit is so important to my husband and I.  This summer we have enjoyed the outdoors and have used them as learning opportunities for both parents and our toddler.

A is Adjust...My schedule is constant but my husband's insist.  What we have done is adjusted to it.  We work around the busy schedules.  All summer long, my son had tennis practice.  So daddy, MJ, and Lil Bit would meet me at the park on days when I am running late, even if mom is in her work clothes.
While brother is at tennis practice, mom, dad, and Lil Bit play, learn, and discover at the playground.  My daughter is a dare devil and loves the slides-by herself, no help please.  When she gets to sliding there is no stopping her, even on water slides she doesn't get scared at all.
 And every now and again, she comes and takes a break by grabbing snacks from her snack tray.
 B is for Beyond...See the world in your child's eyes.  Go beyond what you see.  The world is their classroom and you are their teacher.

Bird is a word my daughter can clearly say.  She loves bird.  She calls them to come to her.  "here birdie, birdie"  She loves to feed them.  She loves to bird watch too.
C is for create.  Not every kid is the same.  They don't learn the same or react the same.  So each child should be treated differently.  Create moments of learning or be spontaneous.  Allow them to create as well.  A toddler might be too small to teach them about train, planes and automobiles....or are they?

See they love sounds, and shapes.  Wherever we are, if my daughter here's a sound she stops.  We ask her what does she hear?  If she hears a train, she says choo-choo.  We are working on the word train.  If she says an airplane, she says plane.  She is now starting to say helicopter too.

Everyday we step out, we discover new things, new sounds, and new adventures.  Summer has been a lot of fun.  Cooling off at the sprinkler park has been one of her favorite spots, agua/water-another word she can say.  The walks on the jogging trails have been great for spotting different kinds of animals.  Our learning doesn't have to spot just because summer is coming to an end, new adventures await us.  Remember A is for adjust when the temps get cooler Adjust.
This is where our next adventure is taking us.  The open road.  Asta luego!


Zanymomintx said...

I had no idea Britax made bike seats for kids, I'm excited to see your thoughts.

My Timeless Blessings said...

Oh I would love a bike seat for my toddler! He loves the outdoors also and I bet it will be relaxing for the both of us to bird, plane, or nature watch while on a bike ride. Can't wait to hear/see your thoughts on the Britax Bike Seat.

onthegomommy said...

O wow how exciting that looks like a whole lot of fun. Now there is really no excuse not to work out. You can bring you toddler along in style.

Lauren C said...

This is awesome! I am happy to hear and see that you are now able to enjoy a bike ride, and at the same time stay fit with lil bit. Looking forward to hearing your reviews on the Britax Bike Seat and pictures.

aggie said...

I believe that every moment spent with a child is a learning opportunity. When they are little they are like sponges and absorb everything they see and hear. I think it's great that you guys make time to spend with Lil' Bit and show her the big world that she lives in.

Mizz Alvarado said...

What a great post thanks for sharing I had no idea Britax even made a bike seat!

Mercedes @BeChicMag said...

What a great idea! I agree with you on the letter "A." Adjusting! not always easy, but a must :)

Bren @ Flanboyant Eats™ said...

you are one hip mom! I didn't know they made bike seats either! :)

Dancinghotdogs said...

Ooh nice! I love how you did ABC's of summer.

Connie Leon said...

You are definitely ONE busy Momma on the go!!! Such great information!!! Thanks!!!