Friday, August 9, 2013

Fitness Friday-Vitamins

***Disclosure-Sample product was provided to review.  All opinions shared are based on my personal experience.

I just turned 35.  I do not know about you but I have been caring a lot about my health lately.  I went and had my yearly physical, and visit my dentist which I had not done in awhile.  I am guilty of putting this appointments off.  I am also guilty of grabbing what is the easiest when it is time to eat.  I do try to eat 6 balanced meals everyday. Until I started paying attention to what I actually was putting in my mouth, I did not realize I still was not getting all the nutrition my body needs.  All the good stuff-VITAMINS!

But who wants to chew or swallow vitamins?  Or remember to.  And if you have kids, do your kids take their vitamins?  My teens is not a picky eater.  I believe he eats well.  He went for his physical and everything looked good on him.  But again I worry that he may not be getting all the vitamins he needs everyday.

I received a sample of RDA-12.  It is an all-natural multivitamin from 12 whole fruits and veggies.  It comes in capsules but it also comes in a shaker.  What?  Yes, a shaker.

The shaker is easy to use.  Shake on your food or drinks.  I can add it to my teen's food and drinks as well.  It smells good.  You cannot taste it.

·    Capsule: Consume one vegetarian capsule containing 225mg of the nutritious RDA-12™ powder twice a day to meet approximately 100% of your RDAs for 12 essential vitamins. 

·         Shaker: Consume 450mg (less than ¼ teaspoon) of the nutritious RDA-12™ powder each day to meet approximately 100% of your RDAs for 12 essential vitamins. A convenient and easy way to get your RDAs is to simply add a few shakes of RDA-12™ to your food, including as you cook it on low heat, and to warm or cold beverages. 

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