Friday, August 23, 2013

And The Kitchen Sink Cleaner Review

***Disclosure-Sample product was received.  All opinions stated are based on my own personal experience.

Do you use natural cleaning products?  Products that are not harmful to you, your kids or your pets.  A product that is all purpose.  If you look under my kitchen sick, I have a hot mess under there.  Why?  Because I have a product for every item: windows, doors, tables, glass, metal, wood, etc...  I also have tried to make my own concoction and guess what that almost killed me, won't quit my day job to be a chemist for sure.  With my Lil Bit learning how to open cabinets with the child proofs on them, and wanting to tail mommy around I try to look for better products.  Did you read that products?  But why do I need so many products when I can just use one?
I received And The Kitchen Sink Cleaner to try in my home and have been putting them through the test of time, my family, and our messes.  See I want a product do to what it is meant to do.

I have been using the And The Kitchen Sink Cleaner on my sinks, showers, tubs, counter tops, linoleum, tile, laminate, glass, and my carpet.  But it can be used on several places.
I like that this product does not smell like chemicals instead it is aromas like:

-Cedarwood, Rose, Lavender
-Fresh Lemon Mint
-Cucumber Melon
-Elevation Blend
-Juniper, For Needle, Eucalyptis

I like how the house smells after I clean.  I believe the aromas help me clean since they smell so good.  The house smells great and stays clean.  It is not harmful to my daughter who is crawling, walking, licking, and touching everything.  I have room under my kitchen sink for storage now that I don't have several products to use, just one.

I remember growing up watching my poor mom's hands peel from harmful strong products she used and none of them smelling like a spa because that is what the house smells like after I am done cleaning.  A spa.

Now let us talk about cost.

-Free shipping if you are in Portland, Oregon or shipping is calc'd by the # of bottles ordered and if the actual shipping cost varies by more than $1, the difference is refunded.

-You can refill your bottle spray up to 11 times by purchasing the concentrate, saving money and plastic (going green)

-You are now only buying 1 product versus multiple products.

-Natural ingredients: love, water, oils, etc...

-10% donation of sales goes to charity. Enough said.

Any again my house smells like a spa.

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