Friday, August 23, 2013

Oil Change Check List

***-Disclosure-I received a gift card to facilitate oil change post.  All opinions stated are my own.

Who takes take of your oil changes?  Is it you or your husband?  Many moons ago, I didn't have a husband and was a single mom taking care of everything myself.  Oil changes were included in my duties.  I have always been scared about oil changes and the service I get from places.  I have seen the horrible news stories of people being scammed into thinking that they received an oil change but didn't.  Come on now, how vulnerable does a single mother or a mom look?  I never want to be a victim of this or any discrimination.  I am a consumer, and I am needing a service.  Good service, right?

I told you about MOM last month.  MOM has one main goal: to make sure that consumers receive high-quality oil.  They have a MOM's oil change checklist for you to follow when it is time for your oil change.  You can download it, print it, and take it with you.
My truck is due for an oil change.  I now have a husband and he takes care of this for me, YEAH ME!  But I printed the checklist for us to use this oil change.


1)  Time for a change-So I drive, I drive alot.  I need oil changes faster than 3 months.  I hit my recommend 3000 miles oil change really fast sometimes.  We keep track of this on the mileage gauge on our truck and we take our vehicle to the dealer for an oil change.  They always put a sticker with date and mileage on the glass.  It faces me and I see it everyday.  You would think that would remind me to check the date but sometimes it doesn't and the hubs has to ask, is it time?  Have a hit 3000 miles already?

2)  Right Viscosity-IDK this language you speakittome of.  Please speak English.  (SAE 5W-20 and 5W-30) WHAT?  We get 5W30.
3)  API-Licensed-Again Speak English
4)  Know what you are getting-So #2 and #3 I had never heard of.  Never had anyone tell me and anyone I talk to, has never heard of this either.  But the people that matter are the people doing your oil change.  Do they know what you are asking for?

5)  Full Change-Ok, so this one I knew.  Always get your filter changed.  Don't be me.  You need to switch your filter, all filters once they have done their job need to be replaced.  What do filters do?  Filters crap out, don't make this mistake ever.

6)  MOM licensed installer-You can go to and look to see if you have one near you for the next oil change.

7)  Receipt-Now this one I always do.  I always check my receipts, and ask for one if I don't get one.  Just the other day, we were offered a special price and then were still charged full price on an item.  If I would not have checked the receipt, we would have not received our money for the over payment.  Always check your receipts.

8)  Next oil change-How do you keep up with your oil changes?  I told you how mine are done but do you have a system.  Oil changes are important for your vehicles.

By using this checklist I learned about the oil that is going into my vehicle, which I would have never learned about.  My vehicle takes me everywhere.  Just like I take care of myself, I want to take care of my vehicle.  I know everything I put in my mouth, so I should know exactly what goes into my vehicle.

Do you?

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Kristin said...

Since my husband is selling cars again, he is in charge of all maintenance, whether he likes it or not. ;)