Friday, December 9, 2011

Sock Ons Review

So baby girl will be here in a month exactly. One thing I remember is having a hard time keeping my son's socks on him. Have you had a hard time? How have you deelt with it? What are your secrets? Well I found a great product to help all mommies keep their baby's socks on...

Tiny stocking stuffers for baby! Keeping baby socks on can be a challenge. They slip off easily from baby’s kicks and tugs! A new and adorable mom-invented innovation keeps socks snug and on baby’s feet. Sock Ons are worn over the baby sock, locking the sock firmly in place. Sock Ons are an essential baby item that no baby parent can do without and make a perfect little baby gift item. I am happy to provide samples for review or giveaway! Available from or check
To ensure a good fit, use the right size for your baby. Always put the ordinary sock on baby first, then place the Sock Ons® over, ensuring a snug fit, as per display packaging.


Sock Ons® are not suitable for walking in or for wearing with shoes.

My thoughts-These are so cute. And they actually do work to keep the babies socks on their feet. No cold feet for my baby girl.

***Disclosure-No compensation was received. Sample product received to review.

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