Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pregnancy Diaries ~ Maternity Pics

So this week I am 36 weeks pregnant, and I have not taken any pregnancy pictures. With my son, I never took any pics and I have about 3 total with my little bump. This time I told myself I would embrace the belly no matter how small or big I got. One thing though, I did not want to spend an arm and a leg for them. I have wonderful friends who love to take pictures and they always come out awesome. See I think they take better pictures than professionals because they know how we want to look in the pics. So I asked my bestfriend to take my pictures, and here are her creations. What do you think?

I do not think you need a professional. You need someone who can take pics, good camera, and a good location. Find your poses. I looked online, and found some cute ones I could work with. I asked my friend to take them. We drove around looking for great sceneraries and this is what we came up with. Nothing too fancy, but free.


Carmen Ortiz said...

Estan hermosas tus fotos!!!! Felicidades!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I thought they were professional. They look great. You look so happy. I am super excited for you. Patricia

Catalina said...

:D I have maybe one photo from each of my 3 pregnancies -- I did my best to hide my belly. Hooray for you and other moms that show it with pride! I love the photo with the slippers on the belly.

Independentmami said...

Thank you ladies! I wanted to embrace my belly. Me and this belly have been through alot and it is was a great way to capture the memory!!