Friday, December 16, 2011

Pregnancy Diaries ~ Baby Bag

So one of the things I need to get ready is the diaper bag for the baby. It has been 13 years since I have done this. So I asked a couple of friends who recently had babies to tell me what do they pack, or what did they pack their baby bag?

Here were the suggestions I received, and what I have packed in my baby's bag:

1) Baby wipes-I did not remember that hospitals only use wet towels to wipe the babies butty.

2) Baby Going Home Outfit-Not sure if it will be cold or not when we come out because our weather is crazy here, so I packed 2. I packed a onesie with sleeves. A cute little top with pant bottoms. I also packed socks, mittens, and a hat. Another thing I packed was a sweater, one with a hoodie and one without.

3) Baby blanket-I am packing a baby blanket to cover her car seat with when leaving the hospital, or cover.

4) Car Seat-Can't leave home without it.

So bare necessities, I understand the hospital gives you diapers, and anything else you need for the baby. So no extra stuff for me...

Am I missing something?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget about feeding supplies. I guess if you are nursing you are set. Also don't forget to pack stuff for you. Is that another post? Patricia

Independentmami said...

Thanks Patricia. Breastfeeding for me. And yes, my bad is on the next post. Thanks