Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pregnancy Diaries ~ What to pack for the hospital ~ Mommy Bag

Mommy bag needs to be packed and ready to go. You need to have it ready because you do not know when the baby will come. I suggest you pack 1 month before. I was due on January 12. Then I was told I would have my C-section on January 5. And then surprised with, the date being moved to December 22. I had one week to get everything ready and trust me, we were not ready for all the things we were about to face. I asked my friends and goggled what to pack since it has been a long time. There are items you will and will not need. Some people have preferences of items but my checklist before and after are totally different. I packed some things I did not need and did not pack all I needed. Here are my suggestions (keep in mind I was a planned c-section):

Checking In-
-Admission forms or registration papers-my doctor registered me so I did not need to bring any papers.
-Insurance card-with the rush of everything I forgot mine but luckily my information was pre-registered into their system. Again luckily!
-Picture ID-I was asked for this for registration and then after when we were being discharged.

-Lip balm/chapstick-Your lips will get dry. Mine were not that bad at first.
-Hair bands or clips-You will want to have your hair pulled back for your entire stay, during labor and delivery, and when visitors show up. Pulling it back is as much as you can do.

-Camera-You will want to capture every moment possible. Don't forget to charge or bring batteries.

For Your Stay
-Toiletries-toothpaste/tooth brush, small shower items (shampoo), my hospital provided Dial soap in my shower. And they had plenty of towels. You will want to take a shower before you leave or during your stay. Bring a hair brush to comb out your hair. Dont forget the deoderant.
-Outfit to wear home–Check the weather and make sure you pack something that will be comfortable. I wore leggings, a nursing gown, small sweater, socks, and slippers.
-Don't forget the nursing bra if you will nurse. Or a comfy bra.
-Compression socks-My feet were and are still swollen. My compression socks have helped keep the swelling down.

For Your Partner's Stay-
-Toiletries-You and husband can share, so pack wisely
-Change of clothes-My husband brought comfies to sleep in, and gym shorts for the day.

Here are items I suggest you dont need, you may want to pack, but I didnt need them.
-Bathrobe-I used an extra hospital gown as mine. Plus everyday the hospital gave me a clean one.
-Non-skid slippers or socks-The hospital gave me some.
-Nightgown-I slept in my hospital gown everyday. I got a clean one everyday. Plus in my situation I would have ruined my clothes. It was easier access for me with the IVs I was connected to.
-Makeup bag-I did not have time to get all dolled up during my stay. Even when we were leaving it was not a priority.
-Pillow-I had 2 pillows provided by the hospital. And so did my husband.
-“Granny” panties-The hospital provides disposable underwear. And it is wonderful. It fits over your incision and your belly.
-Pads-My hospital provided me with 3 different sizes, all I had to do was ask for more.
-Nursing Pads-My hospital provided them for me. They even gave me Lanolin.
-Extra blanket/s-My hospital provided me and my husband with extra, we just had to ask. Your husband may want to bring a nice warm one with a soft pillow, just for comfort.
-Snacks-I could not before I arrived to the hospital and for 24 hours after. But when I could order my food, I ordered plenty and then some. You may not like the food from the hospital so my only suggestion would be for someone to bring you outside food for you and your husband.

Again, these are only suggestions. I over packed some things I did not need and did not pack what I really needed. I hope this helps.

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