Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pregnancy Diaries-5 Month Ultrasound

I turned 20 weeks today. Yesterday I had 2 doctor's appointments. One was a check up with my OB/GYN. The baby looked good. The heart beat was 159. And all test results were great too. But the most exciting visit I had been waiting for was my 5 month ultrasound visit. Let me recap at 14 weeks I alomost lost my baby. The doctor put me on bed rest for 1 week and a half. I bleed for 4 days straight during the bed rest period. And the doctor had said she might even put me on bed rest until I turned 20 weeks. Luckily my baby is strong and when I returned for a check up at week 15, the baby was doing great, and the bleeding had stopped. I finally hit the 20 week mark. Every week we turn is another blessing to us. The 5 month ultrasound was great. The Specialist were checking everything on the baby. 2 arms, fingers, 2 legs, kidneys, heart, etc.. Even though my baby does not like ultrasounds and refused to cooperate, an hour later and they had all their tests. And we even were able to confirm the sex of the baby. Guess what I'm having?
I am having a baby girl. YEAH!!! My husband, son, and I are so excited. She is weighing 13 ounces right now and is looking very healthy.

We are not out of HIGH RISK just yet. My placenta is really low. They are still keeping me on my restrictions. And have said when the placenta is low like mine is I am at risk of going into early labor, delivering a premmie, and having an emergency C-section. I have to go back in 8 weeks to check on the baby and me. My baby is strong, and I am gonna fight like I have been doing every week.

And by the way, my genetic test was correct. They told me it was a girl, and the ultrasound has confirmed!

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Dee said...

I'm so glad all looked well and the bleeding stopped! YAY for a baby girl! CONGRATS!