Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Day Baby was Born-Matt's Story

Once upon a time, a beautiful miracle happened. Let me take you back 12 years, and share with you my baby boy, Matt's birth story. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I had nine months of perfect pregnancy. No morning sickness. Healthy check ups every single time. And beautiful ultrasounds pictures and videos of those nine months. It is as if they were visions of what was to come.

February 3, 1999-It was 5 0' clock in the morning. I was getting up as usual to go to work. But something happened. I got a sharp pain in my back. Since this was my first, I did not know what was going on. I went and asked my mom what I should do. She said,"Matt is coming today!" I don't think I really reacted at that moment because the pain really didn't bother me after that first initial pain when I got off the bed. I called in to work and stayed at home. I waited and waited but nothing. Around 3 pm, my mom left to pick up the boys, my brothers, from school. My fiancee was at still work. And I was on the phone with my future sister-in-law. As the conversation went on for over 30 mins, I had been moving around in my chair and complaining every 5 minutes. She stopped and asked me, what was wrong. I told her that I kept getting a pain from my back to my stomach every 5 minutes. She told me I was in labor and needed to be in the hospital. I was freaking out. There was no-one home to take me to the hospital. I called my fiancee and her rushed home to take me. We arrived at the hospital and I was already 1 to 2 minutes apart. They checked me in and then guess what the contractions slowed down. We started the waiting game. I started getting a fever. I was very cold, and kept asking for more covers. But the nurses said I was burning up, when they would touch me. At one point they discussed a C-section which I was not having any part of. I opted for the epidural which was so scary to me. Funny story, I am laying in the bed, and the nurse walks in and asks, "Where are you legs?" I told her they were on the bed. As she is grabbing my legs because they are hanging of the bed, she replies,"On the bed, right?" The epidural was not joke. I didn't even know my bottom half had been hanging of the bed the whole time. Anyways back to Matt, he still wasn't coming and my fever was getting worse and worse. By this time, night, midnight, and morning had came and they were really scared for my baby boy. So one more time, they said if he doesn't come soon, you are headed for an emergency C-section. I cried and cried, and pleaded for them to give me a little more time if it was safe. But now the time had finally come...At around 1:50ish am, I started pushing. I was so scared. At 2:00 am, baby boy, Matt made it into this world. He was so beautiful. He weighed 5lb, 11.2 oz. He was so tiny. I was crying because I had never experienced or seen anything like this ever. They cleaned him up, let me see him, and then took him off to the ICU. Remember the fever I had had. They had to check to see if everything was fine with. And they also had to check me. Luckily everything was fine. The problem was my placenta, both me and the baby were good.
It is crazy but I remember alot about that day. I wish I would have had it video taped so I would not forget any detail at all. We only have a few pictures of that day, but I treasure them like GOLD. I wish I remembered everyone else's reactions. Because I remember mine. I remember saying, "Oh my God, he is so beautiful!"

I am pregnant now with my 2nd baby. And I want to make sure I record every moment so I always remember this moment like Matt's. I hope to treasure all the little moments in my head but also with pictures and video so nothing is forgotten. And how special these moments will be when Matt gets to hold his baby brother or baby sister. I tell him about his story all the time, and show him his pictures.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet birth story! I am honestly scared of Epidurals. I went natural on both my kids, but maybe with the third I will be brave and try it. I hope Labor and Delivery goes well this next time around! P