Saturday, August 13, 2011

All She Can movie review

Film Synopsis:
Welcome to Benavides, Texas, where petite girls can deadlift 280 pounds, military recruiters roam high school halls, and a patriotic Mexican-American community that has been there since before it was Texas struggles with an economy literally collapsing around it. Luz Garcia wants out, and powerlifting is her ticket. It's all or nothing for her . . . until nothing stares her in the face

In a small south Texas town, there aren’t many career options for young people besides oil rigs, the military, or fast-food restaurants. Luz Garcia, a fiery high-school athlete, is determined to forge a different future; she’s gained admission to the University of Texas at Austin. The problem is she can’t afford to go. With her one shot at a scholarship riding on the state power lifting championship, she sees no choice but to bend the rules to ensure her victory. Although Luz’s rashness and frustration land her in increasingly hotter water, they also fuel her with courage and empowerment.

Spanish synopsis:
Aparte de las plataformas petrolíferas, el ejército y los restaurantes de comida rápida, no hay muchas más oportunidades profesionales en los pueblos de Texas. Sin embargo, Luz García, una apasionada atleta de prepa, está decidida a forjar su propio futuro. Luz es admitida en la Universidad de Texas en Austin, pero no puede permitírselo. Su única oportunidad de poder ir a la Universidad pasa por lograr la victoria en el campeonato estatal de levantamiento de peso, lo que le garantizaría una beca de estudio. A pesar de los momentos de frustración y las dificultades, la determinación de Luz la llenará de valor y fuerza.

My thoughts-I really like this movie. It was inspirational to me. It took me back to high school and my struggle to get to college. Community college was not good enough for me, and I too wanted to attend University of Texas on scholarship. It shows how Latinos/Latinas have family issues that stop them from going to college right from the start. How no matter what you do, you feel like you are not going anywhere. It is a great story line. But in the end Luz's struggle and fight does it pay off, check out the movie to see what happens...

***Disclosure-I received a copy of this movie to review. No compensation was received. These are my honest opinions.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a reveiew on this movie on another blog. It does look like and inspirational movie. I totally want to watch it. Thanks, P