Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GX Racers and GX Racers Skate Review

GX Racers Turbo Launcher™ Playset

The GX Racers Turbo Launcher™ playset will allow kids to launch to even faster speeds (up to 700 scale MPH) with their GX Racers™ vehicles! Rocket your GX Racers™ vehicles to new insane speeds! This motorized launcher even connects to other track sets.

My son popped this box open immediately. Of course, boys love cars and speed. He had alot of fun launching his GX Racer. It was so easy for him to use. He loaded the GX Racer into the Turbo Launcher. He reved it up and zoom, it launched. He loved playing with the GX Racer. Even my 3 year old nephew could play. It is recommended for 5 yrs and up. And it does require 4 AA batteries that are not included. Add this one to your list if your boys love speed, and cars.
Suggested Retail $14.99

GX Racers -Skate

Ok, ok so you if your boys like speed, cars, of course they must like skateboards. GX Racers now has skateboards that you can use the Gyro to do tricks and stuns. These are cute finger skateboards that kids can't get hurt on, but still have fun with. My son loved playing with this GX Skate especially because of the tricks he could do with it. This skateboard goes over and beyond all expectations. The wheels are cute and there are 6 different styles just like real ones. There are cool accessories you can purchase separately to more insane tricks with. This one goes on your list as well.
Suggested Retail $5.99
Coming this Fall 2009.

Thanks to JAKKS Pacific for allowing us to review these two products.

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