Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dunkadoos™ - "Magical" Growing Animals

What are Dunkadoos™? "Magical" Growing Animals, innovative plush toys that grow in water.

It was really easy. Matt took his Penguin out of the packaging. He filled the bag with water up to the line. He then dunked his Penguin in the bag filled with water. He took a small towel and dried his Penguin. Matt was amazed when the Penguin started to magically grow. This is a really fun toy for kids. It is easy for them to do on their own. The kids can really enjoy making their animal grow.

The Dunkadoos will be in stores Fall 2009. Collect them all!
Recommended Age: 5+ yrs MSRP $7.99

This will be a great stocking stuffer. I know many of us are already making our lists. Add this to yours.

Thanks to JAKKS Pacific for sending us a Dunkadoos™ for my son to play with. Meet Matt's Dunkadoos™ Penguin.

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