Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 5

Happy Easter!  I hope you had a great one surrounded by your loved ones. 
This is our fifth installment of Weekend Snapshots in collaboration with the lovely ladies Ari from 3twentysix and Jessica from The Reinvention of Jessica.

We had plenty of Easter fun this weekend.  We did Easter egg hunts, played competitive games, and ate a lot of food.  We had an Egg-tastic time. 
 Lil Bit taking a break from all the fun.  My SIL bought these huge strawberries, some were the size of my daughter's hands.  This was the perfect snack to refuel her.
 Right in the middle, you will see my two men.  They played a serious game of dodgeball.  It was so much fun to sit back and watch all the guys get down on this game.  They did several rounds.
All family members were invited, even the furry ones.  This is Rex.  He was loving on my daughter.
 Human Hungry hippos..  My daughter is on the board trying to scoop up the balls into our buckets.  The kids had a blast playing this game. 
On Sunday, we had an Easter potluck at the in laws.  One of my SIL decided to make spring rolls.  She made veggie ones, hot Cheetos ones, and Hot Fries ones.  I tried them and they are not that bad.  The crunch and hotness gives it a different flavor. 
And after everything we ate, we had to have one of these to help our tummies out.  By Sunday, we had ate chili cheese everything, pounds and pounds of crawfish, lots of Mexican dishes, and not to mention desserts galore.  Topo Chico Preparado goes down hard after all this yumminess! 

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A.M. said...

How fun!!! looks like you had a super fun Easter!!