Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 3

Happy Monday! 

This is episode #3 of Weekend Snapshots linking up with Ariana from 3twentysix and Jessica from The Reinvention of Jessica.

We began the weekend by heading to Buffalo Bayou Park on Saturday.  This park has lots of trails.  We started at a different location than last weekend.  We didn't even know their was a race happening close by until we were rerouted.  Good thing we were rerouted because we found the perfect spot to start our walk.  The Lost Lake has lots of parking spaces and restrooms. 

When my hubby and I first started dating, we talked and talked forever.  We were like high school teens on the phone.  We talked about anything and everything.  These first conversations were what brought us close together. 
On our walk we found this sign.  LISTEN.  We took this cute picture that I blended together, so we could both be in the picture.  You can do anything with an app.  Anyways, back to the sign.  I like how these morning walks are helping us listen. 

1)  Listen to the birds.  In our day to day we lose sight of the beautiful things around us.
2)  Listen to each other.  We have wonderful conversation when we actually have a minute to talk to each other.  During the week we are so busy.  On our walks we get to catch up. 
(By the way, we were running backwards in this pic.  His crazy idea.  I am so clumsy going forward.)

Here are more things we found along of walk:
 TOLERANCE on Harmony Walk by Jaume Plensa-Seven figures representing the seven continents each created from nine alphabets.
We passed right under the famous Waugh bats on Waugh Drive.  The Waugh Drive Bat Colony are Mexican free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis).  We heard noises coming from in the cracks of the bridge.  I could not actually see the bats until I stopped to focus.  When I sat one bat, I told my husband it was time to go.

We stopped for breakfast at the House of Pies.  We each had something different.  It was delicious!
Our daughter spent the night with grandma.  When we arrived to pick her up, they were both relaxing on the porch.  I had to capture the moment.  My daughter looked so cute in her glasses and rocking in her rocking chair just sun bathing in her pink house shoes.
The day was so pretty.  I wanted us to enjoy the beautiful weather outside.  Spring is around the corner.  When we got home there was an unwanted surprise in our yard.  Our yard guy found it and my husband had told me about it, but it was still scary to actually see it.  I did not expect to find it on our sidewalk.  I thought they got rid of it.  It was a snake.
It was a big snake.  This is me trying to show you how big it was.  It was at least 2 of my feet long.

This was the snapshot of our weekend.  From bats to snakes, and we never even stepped foot in the zoo.  What a weekend! 

How as your weekend?  Any animal sightings?  Fun signs?


Ariana Shankasaurus said...

Ahh, at that snake! I'm definitely not a fan but I have a ton of respect for them!

Looks like you had a very good weekend! Love the LISTEN sign!

Thanks for linking up!

Connie Leon said...

We need to go to this park!! Love how your Hubby supports you in so many ways! Your daughter and her Grandma, priceless... the snakes not so fun!!! Great post!!! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!!

Unknown said...

I didn't know about several of those in our city. The snake, unfortunately, I know about well. I killed several when I lived off a golf course!

Jessica Reyna Brogan said...

I love House of Pies!!! So yummy! I can't believe that snake was in your yard - I mean I can believe it, but I don't want to! I've never seen the bats at the Waugh bridge but have it on my "to do soon" list.

What app did you use to blend the pic together? I love the idea of you both being in the picture!