Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Basket Ideas for the Littles

This year we are going to be attending more than one Easter egg hunt.  What kid needs all that candy?  Not mine.  So I got a little bit creative with this year's Easter basket from mami and papi.
I normally do not go all out on an Easter basket.  One year I ran out and got a prepackage one that was way over prized.  I hate to admit that all those Pinterest Perfect moms made me feel bad because I did not make my kid a basket, or create something cute.  My daughter is only 4.  I feel I am learning and getting better at this.  No one should make you feel bad that you do or do not get your kid an Easter basket.  If you want to, then do it.  If you don't, then don't.  If you do choose to get your littles basket, it should not break the bank.  I stopped at the dollar store to get some of my goodies.  Here is what I have in the above Easter basket for my Lil Bit:

1)  Basket-This is a recycled basket that I already had.  I actually counted and my daughter has 4 Easter baskets.  These are starting to multiply and I have something to do with it.  So I instead of buying a new basket, I used this one and it happens to be the perfect color I was looking for.

2)  Grass-It is messy.  What do you do with it afterwards?  I actually was at Walmart during my lunch hour and found they have several rollback racks in the middle aisles.  I found cute character t-shirts for $1.00.  I used one of these shirts as my "grass".

3)  Eggs-Every Easter basket needs eggs with wonderful surprises inside.  (I actually got some really cute chick eggs last year on clearance after Easter.  Those were not used in this basket but will be used for one of the egg hunts.)  Since my daughter will be attending several parties, candy is not on my list of goodies in these eggs.  I decided to stuff the eggs with other useful things that my daughter likes, needs, and were the right size.
-kid's nail polish (Disney multi pack)-2 fit perfect in a larger egg, or 1 in a regular size egg
-socks-1 pair fit in the larger size eggs.  My daughter loves colorful socks.  The dollar store carries character socks.  I also thought of doing undies, but we have plenty from back to school time.  Those character undies come in multi packs.  You can probably get 1 in each egg. 
-hair accessories-small hair bows can be used to decorate the basket or they can be placed inside the eggs.  The size of the bow will determine the size of the egg.  The dollar store carries a lot of different hair accessories.

4)  Toys-Most kids always want toys.  My kid does need anymore toys.  Her birthday and Christmas just passed.  We still have gifts that are in the boxes, unused.  I decided to get my daughter a useful toy like chalk.  We have a chalkboard wall in our kitchen.  She loves to color, write, and draw.  I found a big box of chalk at the dollar store and they even had the fancy chalk holders.  My daughter needs this, because she keeps breaking her chalks.  Once they are broken, she does not want them.  This chalk can also be used on the sidewalk perfect for any Spring day.
Movies-If you want to splurge on a big ticket item, why not spend money on something your kiddo will use over and over.  Summer will be here soon enough and my kids love to watch movies.
Plush-I do not do stuff animals.  What do you do with so many stuffed animals?  It is an asthma sufferers hell when those things get all dusty.  Someone has to dust them off.  But I do get the kids small collective figurines, dolls, or action figures.  This year I found a replacement for the little chick my daughter loved.  Both of hers from a previous basket broke, and she loved those little chicks.

Do you get your kids' Easter baskets?  Have you gotten your kiddos baskets ready this year?  What are some things you add to your basket?  I am already thinking about next year's...

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