Saturday, March 26, 2016

Super Hero Themed Easter Basket

How old is too to get an Easter basket?  I have a teen who is seventeen.  But he is still my baby and for the most part a big "little" kid at heart.  He loves anything super hero.  We are Marvel, and DC fans.  His favorite just happens to be Batman.  He is easy to shop for because anything Batman will make him happy.  This year, I decided to make him a Super Hero Themed Easter basket of his favorite character.  It just so happens that this weekend is not only Easter but the Superman vs Batman movie hits the theaters too.  So finding character items to fill his basket was not hard.  But when I started thinking of making a basket for him, I thought a basket is for little kids.  He is not little.  All the baskets we have at home are girlie, or babyish.  I had seen on my feed one day someone used a hat/cap as a basket.  I didn't save it or pay no more attention since I usually do not do baskets for the teen.  But then when I was at the store I found this cool Batman shirt I liked for my son.  I usually buy Christmas and birthday gifts throughout the year when I catch good deals or find clearance.  Both of those just passed and then I had the bright idea of trying to make him a cap/hat basket.
Here is what is in his cap/hat basket:

Basket-My son loves hats/caps.  He has been collecting them since he was little.  It made since to use a cap as a basket.  (I found this hat at Walmart for under $10.  The youth hats/caps are around $5.)  The tricky part was what all could I fit in there?  I actually fit a lot of things in there.
The left picture is the back of the cap where I stuffed it with some of my son's favorite candy.  He is too big to participate in the Easter egg hunts.  He normally helps his sister get eggs and she shares candy with him.  The ones she doesn't like or the ones he asks for.  This way he gets his own candy.  All the candy was found at the dollar store.

The right picture is of the top view where you can see I stuffed 3 rolled up shirts inside the middle of the cap.  Two of the shirts were found at Walmart for under $10, the other was a bit pricey.  This is the one I found at Target, the main reason I was inspired to create this basket for him.  It is a button down, collar Batman shirt that I know he will love. 

The top picture shows a frame I found for his room at Ross.  He has been adding frames to his room for décor, adding to his collection.  He asked me for one recently and when I saw the price told him he was crazy.  Ross has several frames under $10. 

His basket ended up being a bit pricey once you add everything up but they are all items he will be able to use.  You are only a kid once, next year he will be 18 years old.  We are always wishing they would not grow up on us, and wished we could keep them little for ever. 

Do you make your teens baskets?  At what age do you stop?  Have you ever made a cap/hat basket like this?

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