Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Behind the Scenes at Farouk Systems | CHI Event Recap

If you know me, you know I love to change my hairstyle a lot.  My hair is thick and coarse.  It is not curly but it is not straight either.

I started using BioSilk several years ago.  I do so much to my hair that I dry it out.  BioSilk helps replenish and reconstruct to repair, smooth, and protect my hair.  I use the shampoo, conditioner, and silk therapy.

I straighten my hair a lot too.  My hairstylist recommended I use CHI Iron Guard when straightening my hair.
I have been using it ever since.  I grab my CHI and I grab my Iron Guard.  So when the Houston Latina Bloggers received a special invitation to a behind the scenes inside of CHI, I was not going to miss it.  Thanks to Farouk Systems and Lopez Marketing for hosting this event. 

Did you know the CHI headquarters are in Houston, TX? 

Farouk Systems Inc.
880 Richey Rd.
Houston, TX 77073

Farouk Systems, Inc. is a Houston based company that manufactures high quality professional hair care products with major brands including CHI® and BioSilk®, which happen to be two of my must haves.  
When I say behind the scenes, I mean camera included.  Once you are at the door, no photography is allowed.  Except we got the exclusive invite to see it all.  I got to see how the products I use are made, how they are tested, and who makes our products:
Farouk Systems employs more than 2,000 Houstonians and has product distribution in over 100 countries worldwide.
Farouk Systems was founded in 1986 by Farouk Shami, a hairdresser, with the mission to provide the professional beauty industry with the most advanced American technology based upon ‘Education, Environment and Ethics’. 

Education -

The CHI Academy uses an interactive learning experience through demos and hands-on segments.  
For more information and to register for a CHI Academy course, you can contact the Farouk Systems’ Education Department at 281.876.2000.
Farouk Systems has also partnered with Lone Star college and has a Flagship school, CHI Lone Star College-North Harris School of Cosmetology.  They have specialized training using the Farouk Systems methods.  If you decide to switch degrees, you can also transfer these credits.

Farouk Systems also works with local high schools in the area.  They are preparing, supporting, and empowering our community.

Environment -

Farouk Shami invented the first ammonia-free hair color.  He developed an allergy to the product and did something about it.

The innovation has not stopped there.  Have you heard of CHI Tea Tree Oil?
 Key Ingredients & Benefits:
• Tea Tree Oil
• Peppermint Oil
• Silk
• Chamomile 

Ethics -

In June 2015, Farouk Systems withdrew from the Miss USA pageant due to Trump's anti-Hispanic comments.  I applaud Farouk.  There are brands that will look at their bottom dollar before they make a stand like this.  Farouk systems has returned to the Miss USA pagent.  It is no longer owned by Trump.  Shortly after, in Sept 2015, he sold the entire Miss Universe Organization including Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

The Future -

Farouk Shami's son, Basim is now the President & CEO of the company.  But don't think that his father just handed the company to him.  He is brings many years of experience working under his father's guidance, and from his own career.  He has a degree in Marketing with a Master's Degree in Human Resource. 

He not only open the doors to his company but he also gave us an insight to the man behind the title.  I am not sure how many times you have sat down with the CEO of a company.  Me = 1 
Basim did not treat us as press trying to get a story out.  He shared stories, we laughed, and had a good time.  We asked and he answered.  They even showed us some exclusives that I am not allowed to talk about.  What exclusives?  I know nothing?  I am so excited!  What I can share is...

Basim committed to helping the Houston Latina Bloggers.  He has even invited us back in the near future for make overs with Farouk Systems personnel and products. 

Also stay tuned for product news.  There is a lot coming really soon.

And in case I did not mention before, CHI has been Independentmami tested and is Independentmami approved. 

I did receive a swag bag of free products, literature, and a Farouk magazine.  Any opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.   

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