Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Travel Tuesday-Galveston Bolivar Ferry

Our family adventures now are taking us on the water.  Have you ever been on a Ferry?  We traveled South to Galveston Island.  There is always is so much to see and do in Galveston.  It is a beautiful place, if you have never visited.  Living so close, we get to enjoy it.  Today's adventure takes us on The Galveston Bolivar Ferry.

Rewind....let us go back to before we got on the ferry.

So I have learned that we always go on adventure unprepared.  I have heard of the ferry taking hours, the backs, and many more things that I should have paid attention to before getting in line to get on the ferry.

Tips to enjoying your Galveston Bolivar Ferry experience:

1)  Go online and check the schedule, wait times, and even watch the cameras.

Riding the ferry is FREE.  But it is a form of mass transportation between an island and a peninsula where people live, work, and play.  So wait times can get ridiculous.  We did not check and guess what, we were waiting in line for more than an hour.
2)  Fuel Up.  Make sure you have gas in your vehicle.  Planning a day trip or a short visit, no matter what, bring snacks and drinks for the wait time.
3)  Potty Break.  Make sure to take a potty break before you get in line.  Remember wait times could be long.  We did notice a port-a-potty but who wants to use that.  
4)  Patience.  You get in line on the left side of the road.  You will follow that lane all the way until they allow you to board the ferry.  There is no line cutting.  There are police officers watching.  And trust me when I say, they are watching.  We saw a car cut in line and then saw the police car come, light them up, and make them get out of the line.  Come on now, it is no fair.  Wait your turn in line like everyone else. 
5)  Enjoy the view.

Once you board the ferry.  You will be ask to turn off your car.  So get down and go enjoy the 2.7 mile ride.  You can go to the front of the ferry or you can climb up the stairs and get a beautiful view from above the deck.  

Riding a ferry, check.  Riding the ferry is always a treat for the kids.  Fair warning, if you go to the front of the ferry, you may get splashed.  Or you may get to see the dolphins.  We saw dolphins on both of our rides.

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