Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Showboat Drive-in Theater

Have you ever been to a drive-in movie?  We have never been but have always wanted to go to one.  There use to be one on South Main, here in Houston.  I am not sure when it closed exactly.  On my way to Dallas we saw a drive-in but have never been able to stop because of course we are always on our way somewhere.  Just recently someone mentioned that there is a drive-in close by.

The Showboat Drive-in Theater
22422 FM 2920
Hockley, TX 77447
Open every week.  Wednesday - Sunday
Adults $7
Children  (3-12) $5    (2 and under) $0
Price of admission = 2 movies for the price of 1  
There is a playground at each of the screens with swings, and Tetherball.  I really liked that this space was open.  It was like a big backyard for everyone to play in, and they were.  Strangers were all playing with each other.  There is plenty of time to catch some fresh air, throw the ball around, or play some board games.  Yes, we saw a family brought a fold-able table, chairs, and lots of games.  
 Since the 1st movie did not start until 9 pm, we had plenty of time to grab dinner.  They have reasonable prices.  We played at the playground and then headed back to the truck.  We sat in the truck enjoying a drive-in movie under the stars and under the "blue moon".  We had a blast.

Tips to a great experience at the drive-in-

1)  Movie starts at dusk, around 9 pm for us.  They do start letting people in around 6:30 and on other days at 7:30.  So plan accordingly. 
2)  Bring fold-able chairs of your comfort.  We saw some really cool recline-able chairs people were relaxing in.
3)  Blanket.  When the sun goes down it does get cooler.
4)  Mosquito spray.  
5)  Have FUN!

This is a bucket list item we can now cross off.

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