Thursday, August 13, 2015

Camping Packing Tips

Have you ever been camping?  Camping is a fun experience that should be on your bucket list.  It definitely on our summer list of things to do.  Camping takes you out of your element.  You become one with nature.  It can help you and your family reconnect.  It can also help you disconnect from the world.

When planning a camping trip it is important to pack all the essentials.  Imagine being out at the campsite and you are missing essentials you may need.  We are guilty of that.  Even though I try to be prepare there is something I have missed before that we did not think of.  We are not experts, but have forgotten a thing or two.  So I came up with a checklist of things you may need that can help your camping experience:

1)  Checklist-If you make a checklist, it will be easier for you not to forget items you will need.

We have never ventured alone.  The more the merrier right?  This trip we will be joining my husband's family.  Since we will all be at one campsite, they made one list of items we needed.  They marked the items they already have and will be bringing.  No need to bring two of everything.  Leaves us more room in our vehicle for other things we will need.

2)  Toiletries-You do not need to take your full size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash with you.  Trust me, you will survive.  And this is not a hotel, so you will not receive a set of toiletries when you check in.  I bring the bare necessities.  I do not need to do the 5-step face washing system when I go camping.  Depending where you camp, you may not even have a shower.  Ever taken a bath in a lake or river?
I use free samples that I receive in the mail.  If I do not have any, then I refill the small travel containers.  I label the bottles and clip them to a lanyard.  These are the same lanyards we used last year on our Disney trip.  The containers I have saved have a hole so they are easy to attach to the lanyard.  You can wear the lanyard around your neck if you are grabbing a bath in the lake or if you are lucky enough to be camping at a place with showers, hang it on the shower head.

3)  Medicine Kit-So yes, everyone knows to have a first aid kit but what about a medicine kit?  Have you ever gone on a trip and gotten sick, yes-ME.  Have allergies come out of nowhere?  Your body may not be use to the great outdoors.  All those trees, flowers, and unknowns.

Make a list of symptoms you and your family suffer from or have suffered from.  Is anyone in your family on regulatory medicine?  Those items need to be packed in your Medicine kit.  You do not need to bring the entire medicine cabinet, but make sure you have things your family will need.
 I like to go to health fairs, children's fairs, races, etc...  I like getting free samples like band-aids, hand sanitizers, etc...  I keep all the freebies in my medicine cabinet.  I take an inventory of all the items I have right before our trips.  I pack what I need.
  I like this plastic bag because it has a clip.  I like to use the band-aids that already have anti-bacterial on them.  I stick different size band-aids in the clip on bag to take on hikes.  I just clip it to my belt loop and am ready to go.
 Head ache medicine, allergy medicine, and tummy medicine is a must for us.  I have a toddler so I have to make sure I have medicine she can take.  I also bring a digital thermometer and cool forehead strips.  All of the medicine and first aid kit items fit into this hang-able bag.  This bag can hang in your tent or on the canopy at your tent site for easy access and ready to use.

4)  Food.  Make a Menu.  We do family style breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Snacks are grab and go.  Don't forget the snack for the actual drive.  Don't pay the oh-so-unconvenient convenient store/gas station prices.
 I pack each person a bag of goodies and snacks for the road.  No need to cut, slice, or refrigerate anything.  I also stick a bottle water on each drink holder.

Food for the camping trip is placed in plastic bins.  This way no critters will get into your food.  The items that need to be refrigerated will be in the coolers.  I stick them in plastic baggies, so they won't get soaked once the ice starts melting.  Not sure where my husband heard this tip, but he adds salt to the ice that is used in our coolers to make the ice last longer.  It always works works for us.

5)  Clothes List.  On a sheet of paper, write down how many days you will need clothes for.  Be specific on the items you need.  I have over packed several times.  I lay out the clothes, check them off the days, and then group them together.  I do the same thing for the toddler, but I actually do pack extra clothes for her.
I tuck my bra, panties, and socks into the pockets.  I pick light wear clothes.  Camping + outdoors - No AC = HOT You!
Then I roll this entire outfit and pack it into my bag.  This way you don't forget a piece from your outfit, you have what you are wearing daily, and you have enough room.  I keep my shoe fashion simple; flip flops, water shoes, and pair of old tennis shoes.  We love to go exploring or hiking so I always bring tennis shoes.  Pack what make since for you.

6)  Itinerary.  I am OCD about certain things and an itinerary is one of them.  It does not have to be very specific but just so you can plan your outfits, menu, and next adventure.

Do you have any camping tips you want to share?  What is your must have item?  Things you never leave home without?

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