Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Travel Tuesday-Fort Travis

This Summer we have decided to go on adventures discovering familiar places but learning new things we never knew about the places that are so close to home.

On the other side of Galveston Island is Bolivar Peninsula.  Take a ride of the Galveston Bolivar Ferry.  Right when you get off the ferry on the right hand side is Fort Travis Seashore Park.  It is open from 8 am to 8 pm.
This is a beautiful park with so much history.  History to our kids is boring.  I remember being younger.  I actually love History.  It tells us our story.  We all come from somewhere.  Imagine the people who have been here in this place.  Visiting and touring this place was a great experience for our entire family.  We walked around visiting the entire fort.
This place has been a shelter to many, even from hurricanes.  It has seen many hurricanes.  And now it is a place for families to enjoy picnics, fishing, and the great outdoors.
We found something to add to our bucket list-bird watching.  At Fort Travis, there is this map with information of the different birds that can be spotted in the area.

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