Monday, November 25, 2013

Sharing is Caring #HolidayHope

This weekend if you saw my tweets, FB posts, instagram, and etc, you probably noticed that I posted about a lot with the hashtag #HolidayHope.  This year, Blog Free - Houston And Beyond group gathered together for a great cause.  The holidays are a time of happy gatherings with friends and family.  We as Blog Free bloggers are an online community that helps one another out in one way or another.  Sharing and caring for one another in many ways other than just RSS feed, and etc.
Lisa Carey - Money Saving Parent
Brian Carey - Great Beer Now
Brenda Ruiz - Real Houston Housewife
Maria Reyes - Mom and Child 1215
Kristin Still Barclay - In Deep H2O
Fred Goodall - Mocha Dad
Marla Zickefoose - Saving U Green
Yvonne Guidry - Spoiled Latina
Rachel Young - Link Fairy
Aggie Gavagan - Loca Loba
Kassie Buck

The Royal Blogging Event came together thanks to several bloggers, and sponsors.  One of which was Royal Sonesta Houston.  Thank you to Royal Sonesta for hosting our out of town bloggers and a few Houston bloggers.  The beautiful hotel, Axis Lounge was the gathering area for all of our
collected donations.  The open space, lovely music, and beautiful seating area was the perfect space for all our families to mingle with one another.  We nibbled on some yummy food including popcorn, marshmallow and rice krispie chocolate covered treats.

Thank you to the following sponsors for their generous donations:

 Johnson and Johnson
 My family has been blessed with so much.  I looked online at the lists of items needed and started cleaning out my stock piles.  I also managed to get some good deals on sale, clearance, or marked down items.  My toddler wanted to snatch some items out at times.  We have to start teaching our kids young that sharing is caring. 
Thank you also to Oriental Trading for the activities provided for the kiddos, Justins, Bobs Red Mill, and Yelp for providing the Swag goodies for all of us to enjoy. 

Also, for the next YEAR anyone using the code #HolidayHope to make a purchase from CatchACharacter gets a 10% off coupon and 50% of the sale goes to Star of Hope.

But the stars of the night were the donations.  Picture courtesy of Lisa, Money Saving Parent.  Together we made a huge donations of clothes, toys, hygiene products, toiletries, food, and even money. 

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Anonymous said...

It looks like the event was a success. That is awesome. Patricia