Monday, September 16, 2013

Why I Need a Staycation

I am writing this post as an entry to win a staycation for my family at the Woodlands Resort.
Our family of 3 became a family of 4 and it seems like our whole world got flipped upside down.  I use to be able to have everything under control.  Things just quite have not fallen back to normal just yet.  I was place on high risk after I almost lost my daughter at 14 weeks.  Even after I delivered everything didn't go back to normal, I was hemorrhaging and lost a lot of blood.  The weeks and months after my delivery were recovery hell for me.  I have not admitted it out loud but I believe I was suffering and still am suffering from PPD.  Post par tum depression affects many after they give birth, but I like most, try to put up a strong fight.  Like I said after my daughter was born everything has not gone back to normal.  I have had a lot of health problems.  I have been going back and forth to the doctor trying to get 100% for my kids and my husband.  Through the serious of test last month they found a spot of my left breast.  My family has already gone through a lot.  This was the final straw and I could no longer take it.  I finally broke.  My kids do not know what is going on.  I have a teen and a toddler who I have to stay strong for.  I go to work and I come home and try to be the best mom to them I can be.  My poor husband almost lost me after I gave birth to our daughter and now to put this on him.  He is trying to be strong for me but it has been on thing after another with me.

My husband has seen a lot.  He served our country for 9 years and now serves our city as a police officer.  He often goes to training, and classes for certifications.  Recently he attended a class simulation for a school shooting.  The simulation involved him being attack and shot at.  He came home that day with 9 entry points.  Even thought this was just a simulation it is one I take seriously.  He goes to work everyday to protect and serve.  I do not take his work for granted.  Every morning we say good bye and every afternoon I thank God he makes it back home safely.

You know after the birth of my daughter we have never been the same.  We appreciate life more.  The world does not matter around us when we are together.  I became a very emotional person after my almost miscarriage.  Everything makes me cry.  But those tears remind me of how blessed I am every time I take a breath.  My husband and I have always put our family first.  We plan events and gatherings always making sure to make it family friendly.  If you have ever been invited to any of our family functions, you will know you are welcomed in as family.  After that day, I do not think my husband and I could ever look back and take anything for granted.  Every day we have is a gift and we treat it as such.  We are also trying to teach that to our teenage son.  Our toddler doesn't yet understand but in time she will.

Because of my husband's job he isn't allowed to take off vacation on holidays.  He had been working the night shift which had been really hard on our family.  Now that he is finally on days we are finally starting to spend more time together.  But with all the medical bills we have had from primary care to specialists, we have not been able to take a real vacation.  Even though we value the time we do spend, whether it is movie night or game night at our house, as valuable quality family time.  We do not have to go anywhere to make memories as long as we are together.

This is why I want to win this staycation for my family.  Not only to get away but to spent family time with them making fun memories in a beautiful place close to home!  Home is where the heart is for us!

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