Monday, September 30, 2013

Charter School vs Magnet School - That is the question #SafeConBritaxBTS

Back to School, in my world, means everything goes back to the norm in my life.  In the mornings, I drop off my daughter at the daycare and then drop off my son at school.  But right before school started this year, someone threw a monkey wrench at our plans.  See my son was attending a charter school that went from 6th to 12th grade, and we were planning to keep him there the entire time.  We never planned or looked at another school.  We were so satisfied with his school, the teachers, and the progress happening.  His school guarantees that every graduating student will get into college.  College is one of my biggest goals for my son to achieve.  There are so many things for us as parents to worry about but we have to keep a focus on the future.  A few days before my son started his freshman year in high school, a few spots opened up in a new magnet school.  It is the first of it's kind and there is so much opportunity for my son.  Not only for college but for his future career.  I had been so busy focusing getting him to college, I had not seen passed that.  With only a few, like 3, spots open, my husband and I had to make a quick decision.

-Do we move our son from the charter school he is attending to the new magnet school?

So much went around our heads.  My husband and I quickly discussed it over the phone.  Thanks to my awesome friend for letting me know of this opportunity and helping me with the correct contacts, I called the school administrator the same day and ask what all we needed to do.  I was given the long list of things I needed to bring to the district.  He would have to apply to get in to this school like everyone else did.  His report cards, test scores, and attendance would now have to be reviewed in order for him to even get in.  I went home that day still not knowing what we were going to do.  I asked my son, if given the opportunity would he want to attend this school.  He said he would.  So there was no turning back.  I was going to do everything in my powers to get him in.  Paperwork turned in, check.  Next step, one on one interview with principal and administration.  Interview, check.  It was like a 24 hour mad rush but my son got in.

I am a mom that worries about everything.  I want the best for my kids.  What mom doesn't?  My schedule has returned to the norm but with a slightly longer route.  I am so glad that I am still able to drive my son to school everyday.  It turns out his new school is down the street from my job. A plus, plus for me!

Mommy does the drop off....
And Daddy does the pick up!

Things are back to normal or at least what we call normal.  Does your schedule change when back to school starts?  Is it easier or worst when school starts?

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Dancinghotdogs said...

We had to do similar decision for my oldest in our hometown. We decided with our neighborhood school instead of the magnet and are very happy. Good luck! Everything will work out.

Taty said...

So many decisions for our kids!!!
Thankfully Britax is a no brainer :-)
Your little one looks so adorable in his car seat!

Jessica said...

Congrats on your son getting into the school!

This is my first year driving my daughter to school. It was tough getting used to the routine but it is getting easier.

I will also add that I love my Britax car seat!

Oriana from Mommyhood's Diary said...

What a great opportunity!! I hope everything work out for you guys. It's good to be back to normal. Buena Suerte!!