Sunday, September 1, 2013

Super Buddies Review

***Disclosure-Sample product was received to review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

We take summer afternoon walks everyday with our daughter, Lil Bit.  She loves when we go by the dogs in their yards.  She loves when cats cross in front of us.  She loves when the cows are mooing.  She loves all kinds of animals.  We love how excited she gets when she sees them.  It is like the Old McDonald song comes to life for her everyday we go for our walk.

For our movie night pic, we popped in Super Buddies.  Yes, the buddies are back.  The are ready for new adventures.  They go on adventures and make new friends along the way.

The kids like watching the buddies go on their adventures and so do we.  My daughter got so excited every time a new animal came out.  And she would make their sounds and call them out when they would come out.  It was a cute movie but of course the buddies never let us down with their adventures. 

Great movie for all all ages.

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Anonymous said...

This looks super cute. I like the Buddies movies or should I say that my girls enjoy them. Patricia