Monday, September 16, 2013

Check Out My Grill-Cheese

Many years ago when I was a teen, I didn't listen to my mother.  What teen actually does?  Well years later, I am now paying for my mistake.  I didn't wiggle and get my tooth pulled out when I was suppose to.  So another tooth grew behind my tooth.  Eventually the old tooth came out but I was left with this:
I have always wanted to get my tooth fixed but of course my parents could not afford to get braces out on me.  That is not the only problem my mouth had.  I also have my front bottom teeth crooked.  Which to be honest I never really paid that much attention to them before.  All I ever saw was the one tooth that sits behind the others and I sometimes bite my tongue when I chew or speak.  I also do not have a problem with my smile, not even when I went before a panel of judges and they told me to get my tooth fix and then the four letter word...NEXT!  I like my smile:
Recently when I took the entire family to go see the dentist I went ahead and took the big plunge and made the decision to get braces.  ADULT not cool.  I remember when I was younger I would see adults with braces and think to myself that is not not cool.  Parents have to lead by example to teach our children.  And I of course put my foot in my mouth this time and am biting the bullet, guess you got a full grill in their mouth? Me.  From the ortho words I have several things to be corrected, underbite/overbite, blah, blah...  I have been sentenced to 18 to 24 months of this.  I went in all smiles and happy I was going to get my braces put on.  First, I had to brush my teeth and make sure they were clean.
Then my brackets were put on one by one.  Bottom first.  Adjusted by ortho and then the top.  I got to select what color I wanted.  I went with silver at the top to camouflage and still look some what professional when I talk.
 When I have a small smile you can bearly see them.  But when I smile big or exaggerate then you can see the pink at the bottom.
All the brackets were not added and the rubber bands that will be used to align my jaw will not be put in until next month.

Adjusting to my mouth full of metal has been really hard.  The first day I was all smiles but after that, i guess my teeth started moving/adjusting and that is when the pain started.  I think on day 2 I regretted getting them and I am still adjusting.  But I guess in the end my jaw will be corrected and my teeth will no longer be crooked.  Some friend have told me I look like a younger person not so far as a teen but maybe college.  And they say I look skinnier already.  Yes, 1 week of no eating only on liquids will make you lose weight.

Did you have braces when you were younger?  Do you have braces now?  Any suggestions, advice?

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