Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reasons Why you Should Have Attended Blog Elevated

Yesterday, I recapped my Thursday and Friday experience at Blog Elevated.  If you still are not convinced on why you should attend next year, here is my Day 2 recap and reasons why you should have attended:

1)  Lisa, Bobbie, and Kristi (picture courtesy of Blog Elevated community)

These ladies did an awesome job from the vision to the finished product.  This conference was a great success because of them.  If you don't know follow them, you should.  They are a wealth of knowledge.
2)  Agenda and Speakers with Real, Useful Content

I learned so much in each of the sessions.  Information I had never heard of before.  Useful tools that are there for bloggers to use but are not using.  At least I know I was not using.

Eric T Tung (@EricTTung) - Social Media Tools
Have you heard of any of this?  Are you using them?  Do you track your blog?  Do you use twitter list?

Jeff Sauer (@jeffalytics) - Goggle Analytics 101
-bounce rate
-avg time on page
-webmaster tools
Do you use goggle analytics?  Did you set it up and forget all about it?  Do you measure your social traffic?

Holly Homer (@TexasHolly) - Goggle +

Goggle what?  Circles?  What do I need circles for?

Each speaker brought it!!  I can honestly say, this was not redundant information being heard.  I know, you are wondering what is all of this, yeah you should have been there to learn.  Like I did.

3)  Personal Connections with over 200 people.  Bloggers, and speakers.  You get to pick at their brains.  This conference had study hall built into the schedule.  This time was to be used for catching up on blogging, putting to use what you learned, mingling/meeting new bloggers, stalking speakers, in prompt to mini classes/sessions, or mixing with the brands/sponsors.
This is one of the sponsors, Lemi Shine. (West Texas company)

Thanks to all the Blog Elevated 2013 sponsors.  Kroger, Macy's, The Woodland's Resort & Conference Center, Imperial Sugar, Pressgram, Tillamook, GoPicnic, AllYou,, Zevia, Bluehost, Erin Condren, and Dr Pepper Snapple group.

To learn more on Blog Elevated Conference 2014, follow the conversation online @BlogElevated on Thursday's twitter party or

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Wow sounnds like great sessions and information!!