Monday, July 8, 2013

Makeover Monday-Fantastic Sams

***Disclosure-After my first visit to the salon, I was invited back by the owner of Fantastic Sam's River Oaks for complimentary service on 2 separate occasions.  I was not asked to post about my experience or did not receive monetary compensation.  Any and all opinions stated are my own.

I love to change out my looks and try new things.  For Valentine's Day I went with some highlights and bangs from my spot, I spent over $300 on their service.  I almost kilt over and died but I had to paid for my services.  The one thing I like about my place is that I get exactly what I want.

Well it is time for a change.  About 2 weeks ago I visited Fantastic Sams, I got a shampoo, treatment, and trim.  I was on my lunch hour so I didn't have time to do anything else.  This Fantastic Sams is like 10 mins or less away from my job.  I love taking care of things like this on my lunch hour.  So I needed to come back to get a color service done.  Thanks to Lolly, the owner of the River Oaks location, I was invited back to get a color service, shampoo, and a blow out.  I have never had a blow out...oh la la.

What do you think?  Is a blow out for me?  The color looks darker than what it really is, Chocolate Brown but looks like a Black.

Here are a few things I liked about Fantastic Sams:

1)  They offer coupons.  I found this one on their Facebook page.  It is good for the entire month of July.  I do recommend you call ahead and ask if this coupon is valid at your location.  Take the name of the person who you talk to and then when you arrive double check before your services are started.

 2)  Product Sales.  Salon products can be very expensive but if you catch a sale you can make out like a bandit.  A hair bandit that  If salon products are your thing than stock up.  I really like the Lavender Mint Shampoo and Conditioner I received to sample.  This was the same shampoo and conditioner used both times I visited.  It is color safe.
3)  Is July your birthday month?  Well go to Fantastic Sams Facebook and look for this picture.


Candy said...

I love the new do!! I've never tried Fantastic Sam's. They did you right girlfriend!

Zanymomintx said...

I didn't even know there were Fantastic Sams in the Houston area. You look great!

Unknown said...

Pretty! I like the new look! I will have to check out Fantastic Sams when we're in Houston next!

tm said...

Your hair looks great! I can't believe how little they charge too. Score!

Michele P. said...

I really like the way they did your hair! When I lived in RI I used to go to Fantastic Sams for cuts and highlights all the time and was always pleased with how well they did and their great prices. (yes, the coupons help!)

Rachel M said...

I like the color and the blow out! Fabulous!! : )

Brenda Ruiz said...

I have never had a blow out either, I always thought it was just the same as a blow dry, but my hair doesn't look that awesome when I blow dry it! I am always too afraid to try a new salon, I have been going to the same guy for over 5 years!! You hair looks awesome though!

Lisa said...

I like the new do! Looks great and I also love that you don't have to spend 300.00 to get a great look :)