Saturday, July 6, 2013

Schlitterbahn-Waterpark Survival Tips

***Disclosure-4 passes were donated to my family.  All opinions are my own based on my personal experience.

Are you headed to the waterpark?  We are but before we head out we need to pack.  I hate getting to a place and someone is missing.  So this time I am making a check list before packing our bags.  Here are the items on my list:

 1. Swim shoes or flip flops – Schlitterbahn parks are among the largest in the nation.  The temperature has been very high lately.  Hot concrete can make your feet melt.  Make sure you plan ahead and get water shoes, flip flops, or some kind of protection from the hot concrete.  Especially for walking toddlers.  I use $1 flip flops, but whatever works for you.

2. Suncreen – Water rides remove the best in sunscreen. Apply, ride, repeat.  Skin cancer is not a joke.  Neither is a sunburn.  Protect yourself from those UV rays even when the clouds are out.  They have sunscreen you can spray on the kids even when they are wet.  Find the right one that fits your needs.  My rule of thumb is sunscreen then load up.  That way it is dry by the time we get to the waterpark.  It is as important as putting sunscreen on the first, REPEAT.  I usually do this when we take a break for lunch.  I rub or spray everyone down, then they will be ready after they eat to hit the water again.

3. Pack a lunch – Schlitterbahn allows ice chests, but no glass or alcohol. Water, water, water everywhere.  Make sure you drink a lot of water.  Pack enough water for everyone to stay hydrated during your waterpark outing.  If you are going to pack a lunch, pack in seal tight containers or zip lock bags.  I pack lots of fruits and veggies, bite size or snack size, so they are easy to just grab and go.

We always leave room for funnel cakes!!

4.  Bag - Bring a bag for the wet clothes.  I always forget this one.

So who is ready for the waterpark, I am!!

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