Monday, July 15, 2013

Shiner Smokehouse

Shiner Sausages and Smoked Meats Enter Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston Kroger Supermarkets

Shiner Smokehouse, the family owned sausagery, announced its line of homemade, family recipe products is now available at all major area Kroger stores. Just in time for grilling season, Shiner Smokehouse favorites hit the store shelves.

My thoughts-We received the Original Smoked Sausage, Beer Brat, made with Shiner Bock beer, and Country Style Smokies, one package of each for my family to sample.  We grilled them up on our indoor grill for dinner.  My husband and son had them on buns with mustard.  I had them with some sauerkraut.  I also sprinkles some pickled carrots on top.  We enjoyed these.  My kids and I liked the original.  My husband preferred the beer ones.
 The next day for Breakfast, we enjoyed the Country Style Smokies with some eggs.  They were full of flavor and very juicy.
To celebrate the announcement of its expansion, Shiner Smokehouse will be giving away an epic Sausage-Fest Grill Party, complete with a custom Shiner Smokehouse BBQ smoker, all the tools needed, and enough Shiner Smokehouse meat and ice cold drinks for 20 people. Find out more about the giveaway and where Shiner Smokehouse products will be available for purchase by visiting the Shiner Smokehouse website:

About Shiner Smokehouse
Patek’s Shiner Smokehouse originated in 1937 in the small, Czech-German, town of Shiner, Texas. The Patek family has been bringing their high-quality smoked meat to the community for 76 years. Shiner Smokehouse meats are prepared using generations old, family methods including real smoke and superior spices, developed from the Patek family’s rich Czech-Texan roots.  Favorites including theOriginal Smoked Sausage, Beer Brat, made with Shiner Bock beer, and Country Style Smokies are currently available in Kroger stores throughout Texas. The Shiner Smokehouse brand continues to bring the legendary Patek family recipes to kitchen tables and tailgates far and wide. For more information and to check out other flavors such as Jalapeno, Italian and Jalapeno and Cheese, please visit:

Have you seen these in your local Krogers?

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