Monday, June 10, 2013

SafeConBritax-Mommy On the Go

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I was walking around the park the other day when I noticed something.  I usually am reflecting on my day and am one with my own thoughts but this time I started noticing all the moms that are out there with their babies.  (Different ages for both moms and babies)  I started reflecting on how times have changed us.

Things have changed from when I was younger helping my mom with my brothers and now with my own children.  I remember going everywhere on public transportation with my mom and my brothers.  We are all about 4 to 5 years apart from each other.  Everything was handed down.  Safety was not really an issue back then.  We weren't even required to wear seat belts.

Fast forward to present day when all passengers are required to wear seat belts.  Kids are required to be in booster seats until age 8 or until they meet the height requirements.  Boy how technology has really advanced us.  It not only has allowed us to be more knowledgeable but to live our lives safer.
I can travel wherever the road leads me and not have to worry about my Lil Bit.  Car seats are so advanced now with side impact protection, safecell techonology, and five-point harness.  I have no worries when I place my Lil Bit in her Britax Boulevard 70-G3.

I remember having a hard time with my son.  He used to like to climb out of his car seat.  It didn't take him long for him to figure out how to climb out.  It didn't matter how tightly secured he was in his car seat.  The funny thing is I believe they had a kid like mine as a tester when child proofing the car seats because now this little one can't get out.  (Don't mind me-I'm trying to plot on how to get out of this, or chew my way out)
And knowing that she can't get out makes me feel at ease.  I know that she is in the safest seat in the car.

But that isn't the only place that technology has advanced me, not just on the road but off road too.  Moms are on the go now.  I remember my mom being a stay at home mom until things changed and the economy made things hard on all of us.  I have been working since I turned 18.  My husband and I work full time jobs and we both work different schedules.  Packing the kids with me is part of the plans and schedules.  When my daughter was born, I remember wondering how I was going to keep up with the soccer practices, soccer games, cross-country, after-school events, and everything else my son was involved in.  But having my kiddo hasn't stopped this on the go mom.  I have been able to attend all events and even been hands free so my hands won't be super tired from baby carrying all day at these events.  My mom always had helped because it was 4 of us when growing up.  She always had me to help her.  But now a days I have noticed most people are only having 2 kids or waiting to have kids.  In my circle most moms have waited to have kids or have a really big gap in between, like me and my 13 year gap.  I am the mom at most events either baby wearing or with a stroller.  I won't miss an event, neither will Lil Bit.  We are there to cheer big brother on.

Full schedules like this also require us moms to be healthy and in shape to keep up with these kids.  Strollers use to be just to pack the kids around from place to place.  The most use that people got out of them was when they went to the park.  We got use out of ours when I was younger because like I said, we rode public transportation.  Those the could not walk, got pushed in the stroller, or carried by yours truly.  I could have used a Britax baby carrier back then.  My back and my arms would have thanked me!!  But now us moms, are fitness ready.  We not only hit the streets in our cars but also on foot. 

We do 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and full marathons.  Quality time is a nice walk around the neighborhood to hear about the day of our loved ones.  We clear our minds from all the crazy work and breath in the outdoors.  (My daughter takes naps on our walks)  We hit the parks and for jogs to clear our heads. 

We moms are on the go!

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