Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review-NEW: M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Bar

***Disclosure-Sample product was received to review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

WHAT’S NEW:  M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Bar
DESCRIPTION:  Introducing the M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Bar, which combines a creamy, smooth milk chocolate bar with the colorful fun and irresistible milk chocolate center of M&M’S®. It’s a match made in milk chocolate heaven, and proof that a classic American confection like the chocolate bar is even ’Better with M.’

Each M&M’S® Chocolate Bar is made with the best quality, delectable milk chocolate, infused with M&M’S® Minis and stamped with a beloved M&M’S character. $1.09, 1.5 oz. Single
My thoughts-I love M&M's.  They are so good.  I received this package and guess what was inside.  The new chocolate bar for us to try.  It was kinda already in 4 even pieces for the 4 of us to try.  It was mmmm, mmm,mmmmmm, good.  Finger licking good.  I love the new bar!

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