Monday, June 24, 2013

Houston-Pedal Party

***Disclosure-Thanks to Pedal Party and Little Soya for sponsoring our 1st meet up for the Hello Houston Media Bloggers and Blog Free - Houston and Beyond.  Any opinions stated will be my own based on my personal experience.

Do you like to party? Have you ever heard of a Pedal Party or seen one out in the streets? No, you say.

Well a Pedal Party consist of a captain:  (these 2 characters were our captains for the nite)
Next you need a bartender, someone to keep the drinks flowing: (that's yours truly)
Now all you need for the party are the pedalers, can't get the party started without them:
So what happens on a pedal party?  Well you heard that saying what happens on a pedal party, stays at the pedal party, NAH!!!  This is what happens...

You make stops at local bars like our 1st stop to Christian's Tailgate (in case you didn't know, they have been voted the best burger in town.  They have 2 locations in Houston for you to try.)
You get to try different beers, drinks, our 2nd stop Porch Swing Pub
It is all fun and games the entire our 3rd stop Liberty Station
Do you know what you get when mix bloggers and a Pedal Party?  You get a great adventure full of fun-filled laughs...don't believe me.   This is what happens ....Bloggers say what.....What happens on the pedal party gets tweet'd, instagram'd, facebook'd, etc...

  Now do you see what I mean?  Do you think you can top that? 
To plan your own party you can find Pedal Party online at  You can call also call for more information to 832-429-6977.  They are also on Facebook and on Twitter.

If you want to see more pictures of our fun nite, check out #HOUbloggerspedalparty on twitter, facebook, instagram, exchange-o-gram(lol), etc...!  You think we had fun, do you think you want to join in the fun with us?  Join our network, Hello Houston Media Bloggers and tell them Independentmami sent you!


Lacey S said...

Last night was a total blast and I loved hangin' with everyone. Plus, we had a great bartender!


Christine said...

Such a fun time! I've gotta meet you in person next time, Alba. Great post! =)

Jessica Reyna Brogan said...

That was so much fun, and your top was too cute!