Friday, June 21, 2013

Adventures in San Antonio with SAVE

***Disclosure-I received a Passport to San Antonio booklet for each member of my family which included complimentary entrance to these venues for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Keeping the kids entertained over the Summer can be hard.  My son got out of school right after Memorial Day and I have been getting creative with his Summer activities.

Last year I told you about my wonderful experience in San Antonio by land, sea, and water.  San Antonio has so much fun things to do and it is so close to home for us.  With a short drive, we headed south again to see what fun we could find. 

We started out at the Ripley's Haunted Adventure. 
I do not recommend this adventure for babies, toddlers, small children that are normally scared of spooky, Halloween items, etc....  #mommyfail #1 I didn't think about it but I took my 18 month old through the adventure course.  #mommyfail #2 I didn't think about my mom having heart problems.  But what I did think about how fun this would be.  You start of downstairs and this creepy elevator takes you to this room above.  After this, you are on your own.  No pictures were taken on the adventure passed this point.  I laughed so hard.  My 18 month old is not a scardy cat.  She wanted to see everything that was going on.  Put it this was imagine a haunted house, which to my defense, I have never been to.  In the end, I almost pee'd my shorts from laughing so hard.  My mom kept screaming but it was hilarious.  She had so much fun.  My husband and son could not contain themselves either.  Recommended for older elementary school aged kids, teens, parents, and anyone who likes to get scared.

Next door was Guinness World Records Museum where we headed next.

(By the way, my daughter is not suppose to be in there-DO NOT PUT CHILDREN BEHIND A CAGE.)  Now that we have that settled, we headed to the Tomb Rider 3D Adventure Ride and Arcade.  The ride was so much fun.  You have guns and you and your partner are competing to see who gets the most targets.  And after the ride you get to go to the Arcade which has all games FREE!!  FREE games for the entire family to play.  We love playing games.  I was bowling, and everyone else did shooting games.  Even Lil Bit bowled a little. 

But our fun did not stop there, down the street is more fun.  Just a few steps down is the Ripley’s Believe it or Not! And Louis Tussaud’s Wax Works.  (located directly across from the Alamo) 

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