Monday, June 3, 2013

Review-Itty Wigs Baby Headbands

***Sample product was received.  All opinions stated are my own.

The delightful Itty Wig is a girls crochet headband with bows and pigtails. This headband with its pretend, obviously faux pigtails is such a fun novelty you'll want one to match every outfit! Itty Wigs silly strand pigtails are handwoven into a comfortable crochet headband and adorned with bows to complete the look that is sure to bring on the smiles. The silly strands are constructed from specially selected fiber materials that bounces and swings as your little one looks around and interacts with this great big world. Just notice the attention she draws while out at the grocery store, a restaurant, on a playdate or even going to the Doctors office for her checkup! The Itty Wig silly strands novelty headband fits infants to pre-teen. Each item is handcrafted and may vary slightly. Please be assured we make every effort to be as consistent as possible with each piece.
This fun little headband is completely open in the back making it car seat and stroller friendly. Easy on and off allows for quick removal while your little bumpkin is napping, taking a short car ride or whenever she is unattended for any reason.

My thoughts-These are so cute.  I love the pigtails and they are so versatile.  They have several styles and colors to choose from.  You can customize the hair-light blonde, Tooti Fruitti, Cinnabrown, and Midnight black.  You can also do long strands or a head full of strands.  They are so adorable. Your baby will look so cute!!  Check out Bella...cuteness!!

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