Tuesday, December 11, 2012

KidSafe™ Phone Cover Review

Veyl Products, LLC, creators of the Original ePillow™, announces it has expanded its line of consumer technology accessories with the introduction of the KidSafe™ phone cover. The slip-on case provides parents with peace of mind that their smart phones will not be compromised by curious kids’ sticky fingers and germs, as well as their potential spills and accidents. The case is designed so that the child can continue to play and operate the device while it is in the case, protected. The KidSafe phone cover is available at and has an MSRP of $12.95.  

Constructed of a soft polyester material with the look of high grade leather, the KidSafe Cover is available in black with aqua blue detail and black with hot pink detail, the KidSafe
phonecover will accommodate nearly any smart phone due to its universal design and soft, flexible material.  

My thoughts-I never though I would be one of those parents that lets their kids play with the phone.  The phone is not a toy.  But until I had baby #2, I never knew how my phone would save my sanity.  While at an appointment my daughter was going crazy not would calm her down, so daddy took out his phone and look up one of her favorite cartoons.  She went from 10 down to 0 in calmness.  Of course babies, do not know they are not suppose to put phones in their mouths, etc...  I like this phone cover.  It protects the phone from the baby and the baby can safely use it.  Even my phone fits the cover.  It is easy to use, and to slip the phone in and out.  This is a perfect stocking stuffers for moms and dads.  And now, I am one of those moms that lets her child be entertained by the smartphone.  Happy baby = Happy Mom.

***Disclosure-Sample product received to review.  KidSafe phone cover has been Lil Bit tested and Independentmami approved.

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