Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk Doll

Your BABY ALIVE doll is ready to walk – and she can really "learn" do it with your help and loving care!   She has lots to say, too, with more than 40 fun phrases and sounds like "Hold on tight!" and "I did it!"    Walking makes her happy, but she’ll be happiest when you scoop her up and give her lots of hugs to show her how proud you are!  Adorable BABY ALIVE doll wants to you help her walk and give her lots of love and care. Doll talks and walks on her own.

My thoughts-My Lil Bit is learning to walk and her Baby Alive is too.  She can speak English and Spanish.  I love that the doll talks to her and asks her for help walking.  When the doll falls, she asks for help.  She can walk on her own and with help.  The doll can easily be switched from Emglish to Spanish or back to English.  Lil Bit loves to hold her hands.  Learning to walk has never been this fun, I don't think.  My mom who speaks mostly Spanish loves that she can switch the language back and forth.  We speak both languages in the house, so it is perfect.  Even Lil Bit switches back and forth.

Baby Alive is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for any little girl.

***Disclosure-Sample product was provided to review.  Baby Alive has been Lil Bit tested and Independentmami approved.

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