Monday, December 3, 2012

Are you on the Influenster Team?

Influenster is a community where you get to sample products, give your opinions, and let social media take it's course.  You have seen my VoxBox-es that I have received with goodies to sample. 

The Influenster has had a makeover.  There are new changes to this trendsetting community. Reviews, Influenster Scores, Public Profiles, LifeStage & Expert Badges, and Invite-Only Membership to name just a few changes.

Invite Only:

Our trendsetting community just became more exclusive. New members are now required to request an invite to join. Prior members will retain their memberships and can invite up to five few friends. The more influential your referrals, the higher your Influenster Score will rise.

So are you on the Influenster team?  Wanna be? 
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