Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Freaky Pets Review

Are you looking for stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts for your little ones?  Have you heard of Freaky Pets?

The Pets are real, living, breathing creatures that just happen to look exactly like plush toys that transform from cute to cranky, and a little like Oscar the Grouch! 

Now, a little background because Freaky Pets don’t ever want anyone to feel like a stranger! Freaky Pets are from Petania, an ancient place that is 4,000 miles southeast of the Ben & Jerry’s plant in Vermont (they’re kinda obsessed with Ice Cream, just like Snape!), just north of the equator, and a little south!

My thoughts-Freaky Pets is a 2 for one.  It is a soft stuffed animal that transforms.  It is a good size for kids to carry around and play with.  It is really easy to transform from nice to cranky.  Just turn you Freaky Pet around and open the velcro.  The transformation is that easy.  Lil Bit liked her Freaky Pet going to nice to cranky and back to nice.

Check out Freaky Pets on facebook for more information.

***Disclosure-Sample product provided to review.

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