Friday, December 28, 2012

Inspirational Woman Maria Celeste

Looking towards 2013 I have been thinking alot about my New Year's Resolution.  What happened in 2012 and what can I change in 2013?  What have I learned?  Well one of the highlights of 2012 was meeting Maria Celeste, an inspirational woman who opened about and shared about her life.

Thanks to Johnson & Johnson I was able to meet Maria Celeste.  I like meeting powerful women, and that she is.  She is also a very lovely REAL person like you and I.  Here is my interview:
Sometimes listening to someone's story can be life changing.  Their struggle, their success, their heartache, whatever it is, we can learn from it.  I was glad I was able to chat with her and learn a little about her.  

Who has inspired you?  Will you be the inspiration for someone in 2013?  Were you someone's inspiration this year that past?


Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool. Patricia

Ruby@Boot Liners for Dogs said...

I watched the video too. I love your conversation.